Ilo Pitkästä Murheesta

The performance combines music, dance and physical theatre in the form of traditional, composed and improvised sound and movement. The base for the performance is the tradition of lamentation in Karelia and Middle East.

Emmi Kuittinen – vocals, stories, accordion
Marouf Majidi – vocals, stories, tanbour, tar
Amanda Kauranne – vocals, percussion
Esko Grundström – double bass, fiddle, kantele, sound design
Suvi Tuominen – dance, choreography
Johannes Purovaara – dance, choreography
Ina Niemelä – lighting design

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Ilo Pitkästä Murheesta – trailer 6:13, Marec Pluciennik (2015)
Ilo Pitkästä Murheesta at Musiikkitalo 1:07:31, Marec Pluciennik (2015)

Photos – Pietari Purovaara