Stadin naisten laulut

Anna E. Karvonen – research, singing, violin, production
Milla Viljamaa – composing, piano, harmonium, singing, coding
Elsa Saisio – dramaturge, directing, singing, monologues
Ina Niemelä – space, lighting and projection design
Satu Riikonen – costume design
Ville Liukkonen – studio recoding and live sound

Song texts – Marja-Leena Mikkola, Pirkko Saisio, Kanerva Pasanen, Inka Nousiainen, Mercedes Bentso and Trad.

Supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Yhteishyvä, Music Theatre Kapsäkki

Premiere 8.2.2019 at Music Theatre Kapsäkki
Duration 2 hours with intermission
Performance language Finnish

The theatrical concert is a time travel in 101 years into the lives of women in Helsinki. Monologues, pictures from photo archives:
Helsinki City Museum andFinnish Wartime Photograph Archive,
new and old folk songs form an emotional and rich documental journey where stories of different generations connect.
Today’s artists bring the voices of women to be heard and remembered.

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