On Stage – Arttu Kurttila, Anne Pajunen, Ilja Peltonen ja Tiina Weckström

Directing and writing – Sini Pesonen ja Asta Honkamaa

Set and costume design – Auli Turtiainen

Light design and short movie – Ina Niemelä

Sound design – Jani Peltola

Makeup design – Tuire Kerälä

Elämänvoima is a performance of pleasure in three parts: Erotic short movie, Pastorale, Comforting play. Pleasure is most often seen as quilty escapism. The perspective is often on the pursuit of pleasure that goes above or below instead of celebrating the part that makes us go on in our lives.

Everything beautiful, supportive, adequate, arousing… Elämänvoima is the place for them.

Our work was meant to be a group-based work of art, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is a performance with three parts: two short plays and one short film.

The work is abundant and scarce, public and private, delicate and strong; the performance deals with enjoyment sincerely, allowing different genres and text qualities.

Premiere at National Theatre of Finland 9.9.2020

Photos Ilkka Saastamoinen

Elämänvoiman, erotic short movie (31.3. – 19.7.2020)

Duration 10min 49s

Text, cinematography and editing – Ina Niemelä

It is a juxtaposition of growing vegetables and flowers and keeping bees on a spring and summer 2020, 8 minutes of uncut sex sounds and a text about meeting the musk beetles and enjoying the earth.